Newcomer’s Reception Everything you wanted to know about Pathway in one place.

New to Pathway? We’d love to introduce you to the family. A great starting place is to attend a Newcomer’s Reception, a special prelude to 1.0 Gather, where you’ll meet church leadership and learn more about the heartbeat of Pathway Church. We invite you to build friendships, grow in your faith, and see how we can make an impact together.

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Map to 1100 Camellia Blvd #202, Lafayette, LA
Focus on Four

Focus on Four The best way to get connected.

What if we told you spiritual growth wasn’t complicated, but actually pretty simple? Not always easy of course, but always simple. Our desire is to see you become a healthy, life-long disciple of Jesus Christ. That’s why we’ve developed Focus on Four, a simple four-step pathway to begin your journey towards purpose, growth, and meaningful involvement. Deepen your discipleship and discover the four biblical streams to spiritual health.

Getting started is easier than you think. You can jump in at any time. What are you waiting for?

1.0 Gather: The power of relationship

1st Sunday of each month | 6:00 PM

New to Pathway? We’d love to introduce you to the family. Learn more about how God has created you to live, the heartbeat of Pathway, and how we can make an impact together. Childcare provided.

2.0 Grow: Chart your course

2nd Sunday of each month | 6:00 PM

Looking for some next steps? We’ll help you get a plan and go from good intentions to real growth. Childcare provided.

3.0 Give: Living beyond yourself

3rd Sunday of each month | 6:00 PM

Ever felt like something was missing? Discover the secret to a life well-lived and what you didn’t know you already had in you. Childcare provided.

4.0 Go: Change the world

4th Sunday of each month | 6:00 PM

Want to make a difference? Find out how to connect what’s in your heart to what’s in God’s heart. Childcare provided.

Join the Team

Join the Team

Want to make a difference? Our Go Teams are about one thing: God’s purposes lived through our passions. We’ll help you get started.

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