Fret is too often a normal part of our everyday lives. Whether it be fret over relational strife, financial pressure, or just a steady stream of discouragement and bad news, fret can quickly hijack our joy and sense of purpose. In Psalms 37 David deals with fret head-on and warns that it leads “only  to harm.” He then gives some very straightforward instruction on how to fight fret and what to do when we’re feeling weighed down. Big picture: it’s all about what we feed ourselves. Are we feeding on fret or on the faithfulness of God (v3)? From this big idea flow three practical fret-relievers.

The first is worship. We already looked at this one from verse 4 which tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord. Delighting in God is the essence of worship. It’s what we were created to do. To behold Him, adore Him, thank Him, and truly enjoy Him. Worship is the doorway to our heart’s deepest desires, and it’s the one thing we can always do no matter what’s happening around us.

Secondly, we have to walk it out. In verse 5 David tells us to, “Commit your way to the Lord…” This is making the decision ahead of time to live according to God’s Word. It’s where all the “little” decisions we make come into play. In the heat of the moment we often don’t make good decisions. Unless, of course, we’ve already made our decision ahead of time to commit our way to the Lord. Do you realize that if you and I have committed our way to the Lord there are literally thousands of decisions that have already been made by that one decision? For example. we don’t need to waver back and forth in our minds over whether or not to be honest, or to be pure, or to speak honorably of others, or to be faithful to our spouse, or to give God our best financially. If we’ve committed our way to Him, the rest will follow. This is the very practical side of worship (Rom 12:1-2). If we are genuinely worshiping God and delighting ourselves in Him it will result in a life that is committed to the Lord. Jesus said if we really do love Him it will follow that we obey Him as well (Jn 14:15). True worship will mean we walk it out.

What would happen if you and I made a decision today, ahead of time, to commit our way to the Lord? What result would this one decision have on every other decision you face? If you’re facing a difficult decision right now does the Bible offer any guidelines that would help in moving forward? Imagine the impact of a church family that has committed their way to the Lord. How would a community respond to a church that walked it out?