Next Steps // The Best Is Yet To Come

Spiritual growth happens one step at a time. Our Next Steps Trak is designed to guide you on a spiritual journey, and help you identify your next step towards Knowing God intimately, Experiencing Freedom alongside others, Discovering your unique Purpose, and Changing the World through meaningful involvement.

Next Steps takes place every Sunday after service during a special lunch just for you, and you can start any Sunday you’d like. There is no cost or RSVP required, and childcare is provided. Each Next Steps lunch usually lasts about an hour.

We invite you to learn more, build friendships, and grow in your faith.

Step 1: Know God

We believe people matter. Jesus didn’t come to start another religion or organization. He came because people matter to God. And that means spiritual life begins with a real relationship with Him.

In Step 1 you’ll learn what the Bibles teaches about going from a form of religion maintained through eternal duty to a life-giving relationship with God sustained through an internal delight. You’ll learn practical steps you can take to follow Jesus with true passion and joy.

Step 1 is every 1st Sunday of the month immediately following service


Step 2: Experience Freedom

We believe everyone needs a family. The best way to grow in your spiritual life is in relationship with other believers.

Step 2 will introduce you to our spiritual family and values, as well as, give you the chance to join the church and connect in a Small Group. We call it becoming part of the family, and few things bring freedom like knowing you belong.

Step 2 is every 2nd Sunday of the month immediately following service


Step 3: Discover Purpose

We believe all of us can be used by God. The best way to use your spiritual life is to give your gifts back to God by serving others.

In Step 3 you’ll discover God’s design for ministry, and your unique part to play. Your life is not an accident. There’s something you were born to do, and when you discover it everything changes.

Step 3 is every 3rd Sunday of the month immediately following service


Step 4: Change the world

We believe together we can change the world. The best way to renew your spiritual life is to multiply it in others.

Step 4 is all about finding your place on the team. We will never accomplish as much on our own as we can together on a team. And there’s nothing more fun or more fulfilling than making a difference with people you love.

Step 4 is every 4th Sunday of the month immediately following service