Pathway Small Groups’ Semesters

At Pathway, we have 3 semesters of small groups throughout the year. Our Fall semester runs 13 weeks from September – December. Our Spring semester also runs 13 weeks from February – May, but our Summer semester runs just 6 weeks from June-July. We hope you’ll join us at anytime!

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The best way to grow in your spiritual life is in relationship with other believers. We believe everyone needs a family. Real freedom and life-change happens in the context of committed relationships. God is best experienced and expressed in community.

Here’s why Small Groups are a Big deal…

The Bible teaches us that we are only as purposeful as our relationships (Prov 13:20), only as strong as our relationships (Eccl 4:12), & only as healthy as our relationships (Eph 4:16).

Our Small Groups are all about three things:

  1. A Place to Connect
  2. A Place to Protect
  3. A Place to Grow

Together in our weekly small groups we’ll dive deeper into the weekend messages, encouraging and supporting one another along the way.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Experience

1. Weekend Services

Each week we’ll explore key truths from God’s Word and apply them. Dedicate this time to spiritual growth by prioritizing the weekend services and don’t miss a single message.

2. Weekly Small Groups

Small groups are the best way to grow and begin applying the weekend messages. By connecting weekly with others you’ll deepen your experience, be challenged to stick with it, and stay encouraged.

3. Daily Scripture Memorization

Few things will transform you like a daily focus on Scripture. Each week will introduce a new memory verse for you to meditate on daily.

Getting started is easier than you think. Just drop us an email at, and we’ll get you all set up.